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Travel: Impressions of DC

So we (the Mister, the Boy, and the cutie still in utero) went to DC for 6 days–actually, it was really 5 full days with the 6th morning spent walking, riding the Metro, sitting in an airport, and then flying home on a plane (what else would we fly on, right?).

The trip was amazing.  I felt as if I spent every waking minute simply trying to absorb everything I was experiencing, often wishing I had a notebook to jot down my thoughts.  Now I really wish I had that notebook since all I can seem to recapture is this vague incomprehensible feeling that the world is a very large and interesting place.  Yeah…I took that away from 5 days in DC.   I’ve determined as much sitting on the beach for 5 minutes while staring at the stars.  But, well, this was just…different.

There’s something about the enormity of the place.  That and the constant buzz of activity that makes it feel as though things are really “being accomplished.”  Everywhere you turn, people are walking briskly from point A to point B–except the touring families who, much like me, were gawking at single buildings that streched for at least half a mile (well–it seemed as much, especially to my poor bruised, blistered, and swollen feet).   In a matter of minutes, one hears more languages being spoken than are easily and readily identified, but they all have the same tenor and tone to them–ones of excitement, amazement, and indefatigable interest in what’s happening all around.

As we sat at lunch on our first day, the Mister, who frequents the city on business, asked what my impressions of the city were.  “It’s just so…big.  And I feel so…slow.  And I have never been so aware of my accent in my life.  I…(gasp)…drawl.”  I got over those things–well–except for the enormity of everything–rather quickly.  I also very quickly learned to get over both my fears of escalators and heights, and I learned to move very quickly in the tunnels of the Metro.  The desire not to be run over did wonders for any fears I may have been harboring since childhood.

As large and impressive as the city was, though, I was able to come back down to Earth the day we visited the National Zoo (where I took the the photo of the Lotus blossom that appears at the top of my blog).  I fell in love with the Woodley Park/ Cleveland Park area.  It felt like a place that could be home, making me think that there was so much more to the city than first met my eyes.