TDG: The Monster in My Closet

There’s a monster in my house.  A multi-hued, many-armed monster.  It lives in the closet.  Sometimes it escapes and takes over my couch.  I’m not sure, but I think this monster lives in most homes.  It’s not the only monster in my life, but it is the most persistent and pervasive. 

Once I did tame the monster.  Once.  It was a Wednesday in January this year.  I marked it on the calendar.  Not really.  But I would have if I had one handy at the time.  However, I did shout out loudly, “I have tamed the laundry monster!”  My friend, Pam, laughed at me.  I think she thought I was weird.  She was right.   The only bits of the monster that remained that day were the ones my family carried on our backs.  Those bits spawned and reformed a new monster–though it is nowhere near as potent as the old one. 


Laundry Monster

Once upon a time I had a stinky beagle.  She and the monster were good friends, and they often kept each other company.  I think it used her to ensure its continued existence as I always had to rewash it to remove the beagle stink and puppy fur.  I think if I could have her back, I’d suffer the woes of the monster more easily.

Laundry Pup

In the end, though, I have determined that the monster in my closet and I will have to learn to peacefully exist with each other.  I’m even working on ways to provide it with a nicer home. 

Now the shoe monster….that’s another story.


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