Travel: Cypress Gardens

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that down the road and around the corner there are places that can make you forget the hustle and bustle of daily life.  And, let me tell you, trading the buzzing cell phone for the croaking of tree frogs can be a nice change of pace.  Sure, there may be mosquitoes  and the humidity may be up, we’re in the South after all, and no one said you had to leave the bug spray and the water bottle at home.  I’m not a Neanderthal.

Despite being, well, a swamp, Cypress Gardens has a calm beauty that as the ability to invade the soul.

It’s really not a surprise that parts of several movies were filmed in the gardens here– The Notebook, The Patriot, North and South, and Cold Mountain.

There are a few miles of nature trails.  We explored the smaller one, leaving the larger for a cooler day.  The shorter was enough to provide us with dragon flies,

a swing,

and some amazing flowers.

They had flat bottom boats that could be rented if you felt brave enough to paddle the swamp.  This is something I may have done in my youth without hesitation, but my sense of self preservation for the sake of my children dictated that I stay on drier land where I was a little more likely to see if I was going to step on an alligator.  I simply wasn’t sure of my ability to avoid smacking one in the head with an oar.

There was also a butterfly house and a reptile house on the property.  And there are a number of gazebos and bridges.  It’s all too much to even begin to show you– I do believe photo fatigue exists.

All in all, our two hours spent here was worth it.    We’ll be back in the spring when the azaleas are blooming.  I have a feeling that the pictures I take then will be worth more than the price of admission.


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