TDG: Grocery Trippin’

Uggghh.  It’s that time again.  I hate grocery shopping.  You’d think that for someone who loves cooking and someone who loves shopping, a trip to buy groceries would be Nirvana.  You’d be wrong.


2 responses to “TDG: Grocery Trippin’

  1. What is it about grocery shopping that you hate so much? The idiots who block the aisle with their carts while the gossip with their long-lost friends? The squalling brats who run up and down the aisles throwing things? The muzak? Too many choices? Or some other thing I haven’t mentioned?

  2. All of the above, and I have to split the trips into 2 parts– Walmart, ’cause it’s cheap, and the grocery store, ’cause they have better meat. If I’m feeling up to it, I have to hit the Farmer’s Market for the produce. It usually takes me a good three hours to do it all–of course, part of that is my fault because I always wait until we’re out of EVERYTHING before I’ll go!

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