TDG: ‘Tis the Season

Friday I had unspeakable things happen to my right foot—specifically my big toe.  I’ll spare you the details and pictures, and I’ll just say that if you want to know, then imagine Frankentoe.  That’s what it looks like.  Anyway, one of the side effects of having your very own Frankentoe is that you aren’t supposed to move around a lot, which is torture for someone who likes to constantly do things.  Besides, I really want to get into the kitchen to play with that new mixer that I just received last week.

For the last two days, I’ve been surrounding myself with stacks of old Southern Living and Better Homes & Gardens, scouring the pages for decorating ideas and recipes.  Of course, since half of the magazines I saved are holiday editions, I’ve been plotting this year’s holidays.  What?  It’s August?  So? 

I blame the medicine…and the boredom.

In any event, in my little idea notebook I have pages upon pages of ideas jotted down of recipes to try, decorations to make, and places to visit.  I should be able to tolerate the pain a little better soon–and the stitches come out in a week–so, hopefully, you’ll have some goodies to check out soon!

And this fall–look out!  I’ve got it all planned.


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