TDG: Birthday Wishes

It’s hard to believe that eight years ago I had a brand new baby boy.  It’s really hard to remember what those first few weeks were like.  Sleep deprivation did it’s job–those days are so hazy that I only remember wanting a shower and a nap more than I ever wanted anything else in my life.

For his birthday this year, we hosted friends and family at a park for a cookout. The water park was closed, but Boy and his friends had a blast running around in the spray pool, which the park still had running.

I took over three hundred photos while we were there, but only had the chance to run through them today.  It’s amazing how you can take tons of photos, but you never really know what you captured until you look at them.  I was fortunate to find these three gems…

I don’t know if he expected to be sprayed in the face, or if he was surprised that it happened when it did.  I’m just happy that I was snapping away when it occurred!

Overall, I think he had a good birthday.   I wonder if eight years from now events will be just as clear to me, or if they will have faded into foggy memory.

I’m hoping for clarity.


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