H&G: Home Decorating- The Library

When we first saw the house that we fell in love with and eventually bought, there were very few things that we didn’t like about it.  Tops on our list for house hunting– lots of windows, big enough bedrooms for the kids, at least two bathrooms, and a big fenced yard.  We got everything except the fence.  Not too shabby, though.

Despite the fact that we got everything we wanted, there are still those things about the house that we aren’t too keen on or that genuinely perplex us.  The lights…I hate them.  I’d normally say that hate is too strong a words, but it’s not, really.  I do hate them.  I mean, look at the chandelier for the foyer:

How can you not hate that???

I’ve only changed six of the fixtures so far, and I’m pretty happy with the changes made.

We put new sconces in the stairwell.  They’re both Quoizel pieces, but they were showroom pieces that were either being discontinued or didn’t make the line, so I picked both fixtures up for a total of $25.  You can’t beat that with a stick.

My list of to-do’s is  pretty extensive and I’ve had a hard time prioritizing.  I have Decorating ADD.  Really, I do.

So, anyway, I really had a point.  See, the decorating ADD strikes again.  Oh, yeah…

In addition to the few things we didn’t like, there were the things that just didn’t make sense–like our front room.  It’s the strangest little room.  When I first saw it, I thought it was meant to be a dining room, which didn’t make any sense because the kitchen, family room, and dining areas are all one large room adjacent to the front room.  And, the thing is, the front room is connected to those rooms via a large arch.

Anyway, when we got the original floor plan for the house, it called the front room a formal living room–again, not making sense because the way it is connected to the family room, how small it is, and the fact that it has one wall of windows and two walls with large archways, leaving almost no place for traditional furniture.


So, we turned it into a library.  Sort of.  It’s probably more of an office than a library.  At least for the moment.

We painted the room an unlikely color–“Magic Spell” aka BLUE–not something I would’ve really ever expected to paint a room, but it’s interesting.

Then we designed, built, and installed  two large bookcases for the room.

And this week, we changed the stock light with a hand-me-down ceiling fan.

There’s still a huge list of things that I’d like to do to the room.  It needs window treatments, moldings redone, and the husband is going to work on a third bookcase.

The ceiling fan is temporary–I still haven’t fan a fixture I like, but when I do, I’ll swap that out.  Then there’s the long-term list.  Eventually, I’d like to install French doors in the two arch ways, and the flooring downstairs will go from carpet and linoleum to hardwood floors.  I just have to learn how to install those–that or win the lottery.

Overall, for the moment, I’m happy with the changes.  It’s not complete yet, but I think we’ve made the space pretty livable.

Now, if I can just finish that blasted stairwell.  There’s still just a little left to go.  Soooo close.


3 responses to “H&G: Home Decorating- The Library

  1. I’m not normally a fan of blue, but I love the wall color! It’s vibrant.

    Also, I love Quoizel lamps. My bedside lamps are Quoizel, and so are two of my living room table lamps. Unfortunately, I’m a bit tired of the living room lamps, but I paid so much for them that I feel like I have to use them forever. There’s a lesson there, somewhere….

  2. I go back and forth with the blue. Some days I love it, then other days I hate it. I’m hoping window treatments will break it up some more. I also have to remember that we haven’t finished installing all of the mouldings in the room, and that should make a big difference. I’m half tempted to put up wainscoting.

    Quoizel can be so pretty, but with my decorator’s ADD I can completely understand being tired of it after a while.

  3. I think the blue is a beautiful color. Your house looks great from the inside. Hope I can come visit in person soon!

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