TDG: The Great Earthworm Exodus

About two and a half weeks ago, I packed the baby up and we headed out for our morning constitutional–a 2-1/2 mile stroll through the neighborhood.  The walk started out like any other, baby singing along to the music coming from her little i-Baby speaker attached to her stroller (it makes me feel suburban), me scoping out how the neighbors have landscaped their yards– I need ideas, man, ideas…then I looked down and jumped.

What the heck?

There were dozens of these wriggling black things everywhere.  Were they baby snakes?


They were the biggest earthworms I have ever seen.

I thought to myself, “Someone surely had a container of fishing tackle fall out of a truck bed,” and we continued our walk.

Thing is, there weren’t just dozens of them–there were hundreds, and they weren’t just in that one spot by the little man-made mini-lake-they were everywhere.

For two and a half miles, we wove our way through only what I can describe as the most massive earthworm exodus I have ever witnessed.  I still don’t know why it happed then–we hadn’t had any rain for forever, so the ground wasn’t soggy.  It was…bizarre.

I wish I’d had my camera with me, but I don’t often take it when we go on walks.  I should, but I’m afraid the neighbors will wonder why there’s some nutty lady walking around with a jogging stroller and taking pictures of a twig in a tree.


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