H&G: Home Decorating- Guest Bath

Having spent most of my life living in places with only one bathroom, one of the luxuries that I appreciate the most is having two and a half baths.  Anyone who has had to hold it or run across the street to a neighbor’s house when there has been a dire– uh– emergency knows exactly what I’m talking about.

The first change that we made in the house was to spruce up the downstairs’ guest bath.  It’s a pretty small space, located just off the laundry and mud rooms, but it makes for a great “last minute getting ready” staging area in the mornings.

When we first moved in, it was pretty stock standard.  Not a lot of personality.  Eggshell colored walls, standard wall-to-wall mirror.  Sort of blah.  Oh, and the lights.  I never got a picture of the ones specifically in that bathroom (my picture is from the kid’s bath), but they’re the same as the ones in all of the other bathrooms, and you know how I feel about most of the lights around here.


Here’s a before and after of the guest bath– please excuse the frumpy looking lady in the before picture who had just given birth a couple of weeks before, hadn’t had sleep in forever, and hadn’t seen her hair stylist in almost nine months:

We removed and replaced the mirror, lights, cabinet pulls, and switch plates.  I painted the walls sage green and the cabinet white, and I traded the towel ring for a paper towel holder.  Yes, I know, the paper towels aren’t as environmentally friendly, but they are a lot less germ friendly.  I added a print of the old bridges, and hung up some shelves.  Oh–and we changed the seats on the toilets.  For some reason the previous owners put round seats on oblong toilets.  I try not to think about it too hard.

The lights have gone from this:

to this:

I still need to give the cabinet a good second coat of paint, trade out the faucet and  handles for some nicer bronze ones, and find somewhere to hang the toilet paper holder– I have one, but the room is so small that I can’t find a good place for it to go, so the tp usually rests on the back of the toilet.  Eventually, I’ll figure it out.  I’d also like to lower the lights and mirror a bit more when we change out the faucet.  I was so keen on getting some personality into the room that I just used the same basic footprint for the lights that had been in there instead of moving them and patching up the wall.  I’ll probably reverse the fixture, too, pointing the sconce up instead of down.

Overall, I like the changes.  It’s certainly a much more inviting room now.


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