TDG: Baby’s First Illness

I suppose that it was inevitable.  We’ve been pretty lucky here with baby number two.  She turned eleven months yesterday, and, ignoring the horrible blip that sent us straight to the emergency room right after she was first born, she’s never really  been sick before.

There’s a reason I’ve been up since 3 am.  Later, I’ll probably regret sitting here typing instead of sending myself back to bed.

Poor thing has had an off and on fever for 2 days now, 99 to 104, and a sore throat.  We went to the doctor–no strep, thank heavens– and there isn’t much we can do but keep her hydrated and give her acetaminophen.

I feel so helpless when one of the kids is really sick.  This has always been one of the things about being a parent that surprises me.  I suppose it doesn’t surprise me as much anymore as it did when boy was a baby, but there’s just something about knowing that they hurt and you can’t make it go away.

Like I said, we’ve been blessed.  A little fever and a sore throat are nothing compared to what many children and their parents face on a daily basis.  I’ve known some of those parents, and they have experienced pain that I cannot even began to imagine much less know how I would cope if I had been in their shoes.

So anyway, I’ll go nap on the couch, and I’ll be there to rock and hold my little one.  We’ll hope the fever doesn’t climb too high–it only climbed to 100 this time when the medicine wore off.  And I’ll be thankful that she’s okay.


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