TDG: Randomly Speaking

  • I have nothing in particular in which I have to talk about today, just a bunch of things I have to do.
  • There’s a ginormous stack of English textbooks and workbooks on my breakfast bar.  I think they know their fate is to be filed away on the bookshelves in the garage where they will be lost to the ravages of time.  Or maybe I know that’s what their fate is, which is why they are still sitting on my breakfast bar.  Or maybe I just don’t feel like hauling hundreds of pounds of textbooks out to the garage.  That’s probably it.
  • In my house there is currently twelve pounds of Halloween candy.  I have hidden it from sight.  Somehow I don’t think that this will save the Reese’s Cups.  I predict they will be gone in less than twenty-four hours.  Perhaps I should put a lock on the pantry door.
  • How is it that as soon as I get the laundry washed, folded and put away, there is always another four full loads waiting for me?
  • I turn 35 in one week.
  • Just like the breakfast bar, my staircase has accumulated seven stacks of novels that need to be trucked upstairs.  They line the right side of the lower staircase at the moment.  I just haven’t finished carrying them up.
  • I wonder if this is how those people on Clean House start out?
  • I think I’ll go put the books away now.

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