TDG: Birthday Cake

Birthdays = Birthday cake


What the heck happened this year?

Boy’s “day of” birthday cake was…

Macaroni & Cheese.

The husband’s birthday cake was…


My birthday cake was…

Key Lime Pie.

Who says you have to have cake on your birthday.

Huh?  Why, yes, we do recycle birthday candles around here.

What’s that?  Yes, that is a Lego figure in the background.

Oh, don’t worry.  Boy got cake at his weekend party.

And the baby will have a regular cake on her first birthday, too.  Can’t  miss the obligatory cake all over the face shots.

Which, apparently, don’t end at the age of one.  Nor, it appears, do they seem to be confined to your own party…

I love being a mom.


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