TDG: 5 Things

1.  Yesterday at 5:30 in the morning my hair froze.  That’s right, my wet hair–for I took a shower but didn’t use the blow dryer–froze. 

2.  Driving sometimes makes me think people are jerkfaces.  That’s right, I typed “jerkfaces.”  What?  You know you’ve thought that before, too.

3.  We had to move the Christmas tree so that we could use the fireplace.  It’s sooooooooo cold.  I have the thermostat set to 63, and the heater is still running more often than not.  Well, it isn’t right now, because we have a fire burning, but it was for most of the day.

4.  My boy is attacking the husband right now.  Tickles all around.  Ouch. The husband just got head-butted in the stomach. 

5.  True story– when boy wants us to stop tickling, he cries, “POTS, POTS!”  We also used to order Azzip for dinner frequently when he was two, but then he caught on to the fact that Azzip was pizza. 

We’re just a bunch of frozen, backwards-talkin, jerkfaces around here.



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