TDG: Postcards from the Edge

1. Now that I’ve amassed thousands and thousands of photographs, I’ve been thinking about what I can actually do with all of them.  I’m thinking postcards, or maybe calendars, or note cards.  I need themes.

2.  The holiday season (for me at least) has pretty much come to an end.  Yeah, there’s New Year’s to go.  Somehow it’s not quite as exciting now as it was in my early 20’s.  I wonder why that is.

3.  I can’t believe we’re going into the second decade of the 2000’s.  I remember when Y2K was all we could think about.  Where’s my hover-car?

4.  Speaking of hover-cars, someday I wish someone really would invent a food-a-rack-a-cycle.   It’d be great to just push a button and have dinner completely ready.  While they’re at it, they should get on those pneumatic transport tubes stat.

5.  I have a stack of recipes still waiting to be edited, and a figurative stack and a half of photographs to be sifted through.  Winter holidays are not the ideal time to get that work done.

6.  The baby is walking.  Haltingly.  Amusingly.  But walking.  Nothing is safe.  Nothing, I tell you.

7.  I miss my laptop.  It’s no wonder I haven’t done any editing in weeks.

8.  We had snow here two days ago.  Snow.  In December.  Here.  That makes TWICE in one year.  It hasn’t snowed in ten years, and we get it twice.  I wonder if that means we have to wait another twenty.

9.  I just noticed that there’s a new widget on the side of my new post page.  I want to play with it, but the baby just woke up from her mini-nap, and I have to fuss with dinner.  No food-a-rack-a-cycle.  Bah.

10.  I should really go think about those post cards some more.



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