TDG: Odds and Ends: #2

In addition to running around for soccer practices and games, boy has been focusing on school– projects have abounded as has practice for the school musical.

The most recent project has been a diorama for the first Boxcar Children book.

He was supposed to pay attention to the story, and as best as I could discern, add as many details into his diorama as he could.  I didn’t read the book–that was his job, not mine– so I can’t say how many of the details he had correct.  I can say, that what he did was tremendous.

For a little less than a week, my dining room table was littered with crayons, paints, paper, cardboard, you name it.

He created each piece of the background separately.

Over time, though, things began to take shape.

He learned the joys of duct tape and of using only items available in house.

To make his characters, he traced his Lego men to make a template, then traced the template I cut for him.  I was impressed at his resourcefulness.

The only assistance I provided was using the pen knife to cut the boxes and  characters, spray painting the box, hot gluing the pieces where he requested that they be glued, and taping the plastic wrap over the front of the box.  All tasks that were either (a) too difficult for him, or (b) too fraught with peril for either him or my house.

It was his idea to cover the opening with plastic wrap–fantastic for looks and keeping the pieces inaccessible, but no so great for taking photos!

I love his fire, clothesline, and the brook with the little pools at the end.

His people are adorable, and the inside of his boxcar even contained 3-D elements– a woven tablecloth, pine straw beds, and a shelf with a cup, bowl, and flowers.

He rocked his project, if I do say so myself.


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