TDG: Another List

1.  I adore this heavily and annoyingly photoshopped picture.  Viv and the cat–Nike–were watching the leaves swirl around in the yard this past winter.  It’s a picture that’s only tangentially related to my particular thought, though.  Bear with me.   Yesterday, I spent forty minutes sweeping up all of the maple seeds that littered our sidewalk and driveway.  Twenty minutes later, it looked like I hadn’t done a thing.  It was much like trying to clean up all of the leaves this winter.

2.  After our second dining room chair gave up its ghost two weeks ago, we decided it was time to take the plunge on a new (instead of new-to-us) set.  We went for counter-height, which I was a bit concerned about at first.  Turns out that I love it.  What exactly do I love the most?  Viv and her 16-month-old-self can’t reach the top of it to steal whatever isn’t nailed down!  Of course, I may love the table too much.  Currently, I refuse to let anyone set anything directly on it.  At the moment it’s covered in the boy’s old Nemo blanket until I can get some new placemats that I actually like. I wonder if I should do an actual tablecloth.  I don’t like how they look, but I don’t want to ruin the table’s surface.

3.  EVERYONE in the house has been sick at some point over the last six days.  The girl and I had some bizzaro bug last week that made us achey and tired and–worst of all–totally nauseous.  Then the husband followed us by two days, and this morning I couldn’t get boy out of bed.  He was feverish, pale, and had a wicked sore throat.  I’m currently waiting to for the report from the hubs regarding what the doctor has to say.  I’m just hoping it’s not strep, which is totally going around right now.  EDIT:  Not strep.  Phew.

4.  I spent eight hours working on the yard yesterday.  Unfortunately, all of the flower beds are covered in maple seeds, and  I’m not about to try picking those out yet.  I learned my lesson.

5.  I have decided to reteach myself how to sew.  This…should be interesting.  Maybe I should make some place mats.  Or a tablecloth.


One response to “TDG: Another List

  1. Placemats: Take a picture you love. Blow it up. Make 4 copies. Take to be laminated. Cost to you? Heavy paper and about $1 to laminate each placemat.

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