H&G: Domestic Goddess I Am Not

The kids’ rooms have been among the last to undergo any type of transformation.  When we bought the house, their rooms were fairly unremarkable.  In fact, the Boy’s room was probably one of the most boring of all: plain walls, plain carpet, plain window.  Blah.

Then when we moved in, decorating his room went onto the back burner.  In fact, the only room further back is the kids’ bathroom.  Sadly, it’s only half painted right now.  Even more sadly, it’s been half painted for a few weeks.  It taunts me in the same way the last foot at the top of the stairwell taunts me.  In any event, we put Jake’s furniture and toys in his room, then moved on to other projects.

Don’t ask about the square on the wall.  Just one of my weird ideas.

Over the course of the last year, Jake’s job was to pick a paint color.  As you can see above, he had a hard time choosing.  He really wanted the red, but his Mean, Old Mama shot that idea down before it had barely taken flight.  Have you ever painted over a red wall?  I have.  Never again.

Jake eventually picked a color…orange.  Eeech.

We compromised.

Then we moved furniture and toys.  A lot of furniture and toys.  Those white bookshelves are heavier than they look.

We taped, edged, and painted.  Painting with an 8-year-old is an adventure and a lesson in patience.  Oh, and painting over all of those little paint swatches–not fun.  I highly recommend paint with the primer already mixed in.  I don’t want to think about how many coats it would’ve taken otherwise.

Like I said, we compromised a bit on the color.  It’s not orange or red, but a sort of warm yellow–kind of a mustard.  It works.

Not too shabby, I think.  Poor boy; his posters hadn’t seen the light of day in a very long time.

The current project is to make a new quilt that I designed for his bed.

Did I mention that I just recently–this last week–have been reteaching myself how to sew?   Heaven help me.  I was never good at starting small.

Domestic Goddess I am not, but I play one on tv.


2 responses to “H&G: Domestic Goddess I Am Not

  1. Are you lap quilting or are you going to have someone quilt it for you or are you going to build an old timey quilt frame that lowers from the ceiling?

    I’d go for the lap quilting myself.

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