TDG: Where Things Stand

The Pollen struck me with miserable sinus crippling force this past week.  Sinus infections are evil.  They are really, truly evil.  The itchy sore throat pain that creeps up until it hits the sinus cavity where the tingling begins.  The tingling that whispers cruelly to you, “Don’t bother trying to do anything.  Every muscle and bone in your body, every hair follicle, every fingernail will ache very, very soon.  Just give in now.”  And it’s right.  They do, and it’s miserable.  I don’t think I moved for four days.  Truly, it was the worst one I’ve had since I left teaching in my chalk encrusted classroom behind.

What it meant, aside from hours of boredom from laying in a mind-numbing stupor, was that I couldn’t actually do anything of real use.  You see, the simple act of taking a shower or trying to climb the stairs left me fully exhausted for hours.  Stupid freaking sinus infections.

Fortunately, since Monday, I’ve only been living with the itchy, watery eyes, and my sneezing fits have mostly subsided.  This, of course, of course means that I can now resume normal….hahahahahahaha….activities, like mowing the lawn, which makes me sneeze.

In any event, things are still standing where they were, only a little taller and slightly straighter.

My Sewing Escapades

I’m still working on that quilt for the boy.  I have most of the pieces cut, and (as you can see) I’ve changed my design a few times, but it’s going.

I think the biggest problem is that I don’t exactly know what I’m doing, so I’ll be heading to the library to pick up some books.  When in doubt, read it out.  Right?  Sure.  (EDIT: After finally visiting our local library– it’s only taken a whole year for us to get library cards after the move– I’m was sad to discover that living in a small town in a small county means a severe lack of selection.  Seven books on sewing at our branch.  Only seven.  I didn’t realize how spoiled we were at our previous library.)

Home Decorating

Boy’s room is done, and it is, remarkably, still clean.  Kudos to him.  Girl’s room is getting there.  It’s painted and there are some of my photographs on the wall.  There’s still so much more I’d like to do with it, but it’ll get there eventually.

The Kids’ Rooms Before & After:

Viv’s Room Before:

Viv’s Room In-Progress:

Viv’s Room After:

We selected a handful of my photographs to have printed, including these. three

This one (along with a shot of Viv and Jake) is in the dining room now.

This one (also one of a toy farm and a shot of some crayons) is in Viv’s room.  You can probably see them up above in the photograph of her crib.


This is one of my favorites.  It’s hanging in the library/office.

After days of contemplation, I finally framed them and we hung them around the house.  I’m pretty happy with the way they turned out.  I have a few more that I’d like to do, but they’ll have to wait.  Framing is pricy.


Boy’s soccer season is coming to a close.  It’s been a very short season– only 7 games this time.  Very unusual.  At least I’ve nailed most of the details for the end of season party.

Of course, no more soccer season means no more opportunities to watch boy pretend to be a kung-fu, tae-kwon-do, karate-chopping, major league soccer star in the arena of all things cartoony.


In addition to putting together the team party, I’ve been planning our 10th anniversary dinner.   Nothing special or over the top– well, except maybe dessert.  I have some seriously yummy ideas there– I’m thinking 8-layer chocolate cake .

We’re just going to break out the grill with some yummy marinated flank steak and extra huge shrimp.  And, now that the local farmers’ markets are open again, I’m hoping we can savor the season.

In the Kitchen and on the Computer

I’ve been working on recipes for

Apple-Pecan Stuffed Pork Chops

Classic Lasagna

and a Breakfast Sandwich that I have no catchy name for yet.

Everything Else

For the most part, I’m just happy to be upright and mobile once again.  And I’m really looking forward to our 10th wedding / 15th dating anniversaries.


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