The Pantry: Dark Chocolate Decadence-Part 2

So, I did it.  I successfully cut the chocolate cake into layers.  Then I made the ganache and some frosting, and I decorated that sucker.  It was not without difficulty, though.  Especially when I was trying desperately to pipe the whipped ganache around the top of the cake only to realize that liquid chocolate was pouring all over the floor from the top of the piping bag.  My hands apparently warmed the ganache to its melting point.  I tossed the piping bag and cake into the refrigerator as quickly as humanly possible when I realized my…ahem…creation was melting all over the counter.

Have I mentioned that I’ve never worked with ganache before?

I did eventually get the cake decorated, and it didn’t look half bad.  I wish I’d gotten a shot of it with the cake stand’s domed top off after it was fully decorated.  The shots I have don’t quite do it justice.  They show off my ineptitude when it comes to, well, everything having to do with decorating.

Fortunately, it tasted far better than it looked.

I’ll post the recipes and pictures soon.


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