TDG: 2:30 am

It’s 2:30 in the morning.  No, it’s not really insomnia–really.  I had a terrible sinus headache last night.  I’m pretty certain that it was brought on by the successful completion of the Herculean task of mowing the lawn (front, back, and sides, thank you very much) and emptying out 3 lawn bags full of cut grass.  Anyway.  Tylenol wasn’t handling the problem, so I took  a Benedryl.  Hmm.  Can we say, “Asleep in 15 minutes?”


Unfortunately, that was at 7 pm.

So, here I am at 2:30 in the morning, sitting at the computer, getting ready to wash a second load of laundry.  Scratch that.  Second load of laundry is now in the washing machine.  Fast, aren’t I?

There’s a right nasty set of storms headed in our direction in a couple of hours.  Hopefully, the clothes will be dry by then.  Most of what’s in the washing machine are items that I was hoping to dress the family in tomorrow.  Ever do that?  Wait until the very last minute to get everything washed.  Me, too.  Most everyone was on their last pair of socks yesterday.  I think boy had gone through his last clean pair of shorts.

When I came downstairs, the house was a mess.  You’d never know that not 36 hours ago, I scrubbed and vacuumed every surface, washed every dish,  put away every toy, book, and dvd.  I live with three Tasmanian Devils.

My Williams-Sonoma Catalog came in the mail the other day.  After looking at it, my mom commented, “I wouldn’t use any of this stuff, but it looks so great, I want it.”  After looking through the catalog myself, I couldnt agree more.  I see a million things I want, and only one or two that I’d really use.  Of course, the things I’d use would set me back a couple of thousand dollars.  Go figure.

I spent three hours compiling and editing photos yesterday.

I bought 2 “Big Boy” tomato plants from Lowes last week.  They each cost fifty cents, and they were tee-niny, tiny.  Both are now almost a foot and a half tall and doing well.  I figure that if they produce just one relatively okay tomato between the two of them, I’ve gotten my money back and then some.  Hopefully, the deer and rabbits will keep their distance.

I haven’t seen many butterflies this year.  Upside, no catapillar damage.  Downside, no pretty butterflies everywhere.  I wonder where they all went.

Our neighbor friends have a family of baby birds in their birdhouse.  The baby birds stick their heads out of the bird house hole, opening their mouths wide, and momma bird brings them food to eat.  I say it’s adorable.  The husband says baby birds are ugly.  I have to disagree.  Must be a mom thing.  I still think they’re cute.

Oooh.  That storm is much closer.  Way too much red for my tastes on that radar map, and it looks like they’ve issued a severe thunderstorm alert for the next half an hour.  And there’s the thunder.

I’m off to check on that laundry.


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