The Pantry: Summer Pasta Salad

It’s summer.  It’s pasta.  It’s salad.   Need I say more?

Summer Pasta Salad


8 oz penne, cooked

8-10 assorted small tomatoes– I used cherry and pear drop tomatoes (fresh picked!)

3 baby bella mushrooms

1 banana pepper, seeded

1/2 medium zucchini, peeled

1 thick slice sweet onion (I used Vidalia)

2 tsp olive oil

1 tsp red wine vinegar (you can use more or less– it’s a taste thing)

2 oz feta, crumbled

1/2 lemon

salt & pepper to taste


Wash and prepare all the veggies.  Except the mushrooms.  Don’t wash those– rub them gently with a dry paper towel.  If you wash them, you’ll water-log them.

Cut the tomatoes in halves, the mushrooms in thin slices, the pepper into strips, and the zucchini into thin slices then quarters.  Dice the slice of onion.

2.  Toss all the veggies into a bowl and add the oil, vinegar, and pepper.

Then toss in the feta.

Take a couple of mint leaves and a basil leaf and chop ’em up.  Then toss them into the bowl.

3.  Grab a big bowl with the cooked and cooled penne, and…

toss all the mixed up veggies and cheese on top. (Pardon the horrible picture quality.  I’m still teaching myself how to take manual shots in low light.  I have no idea why the light is orange here.)

Then squeeze half the lemon all over everything, and sprinkle a little salt (and maybe a little more pepper) to taste.

4.  Then serve it up.

You can refrigerate it for an hour or two if you like– it’s better after sitting a little while.  I wish I’d had some olives to put in it, but I didn’t.

I’d recommend letting the veggies sit in the oil and vinegar for a little while– especially the zucchini, which soaks up flavors beautifully.

Yield: 4-6 servings (4 main dish, 6 as a side)


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