TDG: What’s Been Happening

At the moment, we’re in a sort of summer over-drive around here.  Aside from trying desperately–to no  real avail– to keep the house clean in the manner to which I’ve become accustomed, we’re currently taking care of puppies (okay– not puppies, one’s almost 2 and the other is really, really old) and houses for two different groups of people.  One set is family and the other is like family, so that’s been a bit on the crazy side.  However, every once in a while, you catch something like this out of the corner of your eye,

and it seems pretty worthwhile.

In other completely non-related, but totally related news, I’m almost finished typing up the recipe for my blue-berry lemon cheesecake.  I wanted it up for 4th of July, but it seems I missed that mark, so we’ll look at it as me being a year early.

Speaking of the 4th, ours was pretty calm.  We took the kids over to the hubby’s folk’s house to run around and play in the kiddie pool.

And I had fun playing with my camera while they were playing in the pool.  It was the perfect opportunity to learn how to deal with water– an area with which I’ve never been comfortable.

Just so you know– the water was unexpected, but Viv thought it was the greatest thing ever.  She is a splasher and a laugher and a giggler when it comes to water play.

When he got tired of splashing her, the Boy decided it would be fun to splash himself.

Which I was perfectly fine with because it was not only really, really hot that day, but it gave me another chance to photograph moving water.

It looks like ice.

I think this one was my favorite:

Anyway.  After all that fun, we headed home to make sure our down-the-street neighbors didn’t inadvertently set our houses on fire.

Don’t get me wrong.  I like fireworks, but I prefer it when they’re set off over the harbor, not two houses away.

Or over my garage.

Or over my garage, and so large I can’t get it all into one shot.

These were pretty fun, though.

So were the ones that looked like stars.


In addition to all of the Fourth of July fun, there’s been other more serious and pressing matters with which to deal, and this little slip of the internet isn’t really the place to delve into them.  At least not right now.

Let’s just say that life is happening, and that really is a blessing in and of itself.


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