TDG: Seventy-four Degrees

It finally rained here yesterday.  It  wasn’t one of those rains that you can see coming across the ocean or drifting in over Georgia– it was the kind that just appears out of nowhere, starting its life as a green dot that just steadily expands into a red-yellow blossom on the radar map.  And given all of the heavy, moisture laden heat we’ve had this summer with no relief in sight anywhere, it’s no surprise that when the storm began yesterday, the first few drops of rain evaporated before they hit the ground.

This is all simply to say that this morning it was a blessedly cooler, if not less humid, seventy-four degrees outside.  Let me say that agin:

Seventy-four degrees.

In the mornings, ’round here, we’ve been waking just before the crack of dawn to take our walks.  This summer, the walks– usually long and leisurely– have been brief and nothing short of sweat drenched.  Not today.  Well, okay– we were still drenched with sweat, but we did take a longer, more leisurely stroll this morning, adding back the mile that we lost sometime around the beginning of July.  It was glorious.

More rain in the forecast for the next few days.



2 responses to “TDG: Seventy-four Degrees

  1. Enjoy the “cooler” weather. Still waiting for some here, Thursday was a heat index of 111…..

  2. I feel your pain. Looking forward to a less steamy fall!

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