TDG: DIY Learnin’

Ach.  I am not a self-learner.  Seriously.  Actually, what does that even mean?  Not a self-learner?

Let’s put this another way.  I’d much rather be in a situation– either classroom or one-on-one– where someone shows me how to do something and then I do it.  Totally have to see it and then get my hands on it– a visual-kinesthetic  learner, if you will.  Teaching myself how to do something is utter torture for me.  But I’m doing it.

That camera and I are having a battle of wills right now. And.I.Will.Win.

Some days, I get shots like this:

Not too shabby.  Needs work, but definitely on the way to where I want to be.

Then, I get stuff like this:

Blerg.  Total failure on so many levels.


Thank Heaven for the library and the internet.  I will figure this out eventually.

Then I’ll have an excuse to renovate my kitchen.  What?  We could use an extra window or two.  Right?  Maybe some new countertops…under-cabinet lighting…new refrigerator…that’d help my photography cause, right?

Viv says I should keep reaching.



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