TDG: I Got Out of Bed Today

I got out of bed today for pretty much the first time since Friday night.  Of course, I am exaggerating things just a bit since I’m pretty sure I did wander back and forth some from my bedroom upstairs to the couch downstairs and back again.  I was pretty sure it was the flu for a little while, but now I’m thinking it was just a really, really, wicked, awful, evil cold.  I’ve still got the stuffy-headed, rattly cough thing happening, but I must say that I am about an hour overdue for my medicine and I don’t feel like collapsing on the floor just as of yet.

Then again, I have been sitting here at the computer reading random news and blog-type “articles” that catch my eye.  Actually, I’m just afraid to get up and look around the house after being down for the count for almost a week.  The hubby and kids did pretty good staying on top of things, but I don’t want to look too hard.  The kitchen floor needs mopping, and I’m just not ready for that yet.  So I’m just surfin’ the net.

I sound so late nineties, early aughts.  Or just old.

Hush.  Just you hush.

So, five things I’ve learned today….

1) Did you know that a guy in a marathon in Northern England was busted for cheating?  He hopped a bus at the 20 mile mark, rejoining the race at the end to claim a third place victory.

2) Michelle Obama went shopping.  At Target.  And PetCo.  And people totally didn’t know it was her.  And I read about it.  On the internet.

3) Katy Perry dyed her hair.  Again.  I am old.  Who’s Katy Perry?

4) A family got lost in a corn maze and called 911.  Truth, though.  I didn’t completely read that article.  I just looked at the headline, skimmed it enough to see that they had a newborn and were only 25 feet from the road, and thought– that’s kind of funny, but sad, but funny, but not.

5) NASA released some of the images from Opportunity’s 13 mile journey on Mars’ surface.  I looked at pictures–taken–on–Mars.

I’m not really sure you needed to know any of this– probably not.  Mostly, I felt like I needed to type something else here right now.  I’m hoping to be back to my usual— or mostly usual– posting sometime soon.  I’ve got a list of about thirty-two recipes that I’m looking to try in the future– as soon as I can get back into the kitchen without worrying about making everyone else sick.

For now, I think it’s time to take my medicine.  If you get the chance, check out the Opportunity pictures from Mars.  You can find them here  in the October 10, 2011 press release, Video Documents Three-Year Trek on Mars by NASA Rover on the NASA/ JPL site.


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