Odi et Amo

I know I’ve waxed poetically (or not) in the past about how Autumn is one of my favorite seasons.  The fact that It and Spring frequently have fist fights in the parking lot out back over who is number one in my heart is really notwithstanding.  One thing I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned is that for us, this season is without a shadow of a doubt our busiest season.  It’s so busy that this year we’ve opted to forgo a visit to the fair just so that we can take a break and breathe for a minute or two.   Between the first two quarters of school, soccer practices and games, fall clean-up, and other things that won’t be delved into on these virtual pages, we run through no fewer than seven birthdays: four of which are in our immediate family and three of which occur within a two-week span with a friend’s tossed into that two-week run.  Add to that mix three holidays– one of which is my favorite holiday of all– and you have the makings for a fantastic season that every once in a while makes one want to go upstairs to climb under the bed and not get out until January 2nd.

Twenty days until Thanksgiving.

Two more birthdays to go.




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