… is another year added to my age.

…is a giant Nerf gun contraption sitting on my coffee table.

…is a veritable zoo spread out all over my living room floor.

…are dirty soccer clothes waiting to be washed.

…are clean dishes in the dishwasher waiting to be put away.

…are sleeping people in my house who won’t be sleeping in about ten minutes.

…are folders of birthday party pictures that need to be arranged and edited.

…is a Thanksgiving grocery list that needs to be written.

…are three cooking classes that I have my eye on.

…are people to be thanked, and hugged, and loved.

…are animals to scratch behind the ears…as soon as they stop clawing my couch.

…are lunches that have to be made in eight minutes when all of those sleeping people get up.

…is Pumpkin Spice coffee calling my name.

…is a new day to begin.


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