Mid-November and All of the Trappings

Well the birthdays are over for now.  Yay.  It’s time to focus on Thanksgiving.  Though, I have to admit that the Boy and I have already been scoping out Christmas decorations and we caught ourselves singing Christmas carols the other morning as we planned whether or not cookies were on the bake-list for Santa Claus.  Apparently he isn’t getting cookies this year; he’s getting cereal and milk.  I think Mr. Claus will be quite happy with this arrangement.

Regardless of the fact that Holiday fever is beginning to grip our home– a nice change of pace from last year when I just couldn’t quite get in the spirit– the simple fact is that Thanksgiving has to get here first.  And I love Thanksgiving.  It’s a holiday not about turkey and cranberries or football and falling asleep in the old arm-chair.  It’s a holiday that is about appreciation, appreciation for those your love, what you have and don’t have, appreciation for the fact that you simply are.  For me, it’s about reflection– and goodness knows I love to reflect.  It’s also an opportunity to be with others and have nothing expected of them or from you.  It’s the chance to be together.  Oh, okay, and all the cooking isn’t exactly something at which I turn my nose up.

I’m straying far from the point that was originally going to make here– shocking, I know.  Originally, I was going to talk about how I cannot believe it’s already the middle of November.  Of course, the fact that it’s going to be 77 degrees today and apparently 80 degrees for the next two days also makes it difficult to believe.  Even more difficult to understand why it is that we got the firewood all ready yesterday in preparation for cold fall evenings.  Um, hello.  It’s the coastal south.  What cold fall evenings?  Oh well.  We’ll be ready for January, right?

In addition to pre-Christmas browsing, I spent most of the weekend making croissants.  Homemade croissants.  Like the kind you have to “laminate” the butter in and then roll and fold and turn and roll and fold and turn over and over and over and over again, all so you can get those lovely, puffy, flakey, buttery layers of oh-my-goodness yum.  And I made them.

And they were good.  And I’m almost finished writing it all up.

I haven’t decided if I’ll make them for Thanksgiving or not.  The menu is pretty set and much less complicated than last year, though there are a couple of areas where I’m toying with an addition.

At the moment, things look like this:

I’m toying with the idea of some sort of cake roll.  My mom has put in a hint about a pumpkin roll, and I also found a yummy recipe in an old November issue of Cooking Light for a Chocolate Cream Pie that looks to-die-for.  I’m also not sure which recipes I’ll be using this year for the pumpkin and apple pies.  I’ve had my eye on several that look promising, but the ones from last year were good, too.  The biggest complaint I get from B is that I never do the same thing twice (except maybe my mac n’ cheese), so I’m not sure if I should stick to those recipes or keep looking for something new.

And then there are salads.  I love 5-cup salad and a simple spinach salad, but there won’t be too many of us this year, so I’m not sure.  There are only a few of us who eat those, but Thanksgiving is a good reason to make them.  I just don’t know yet.

What I do know is that my photography skills are getting a little better, so maybe I’ll update some of those old photos this year with some that look more appetizing.  Case in point:

Maybe that could be my excuse for recreating last year’s delicious pumpkin pie with the overly complicated name.   If ever any dishes needed new photos, it would be those from last Thanksgiving.

Anyway.  That’s what’s up this mid-November.  One more soccer game to go, and then it’s Turkey time.  Then we can get to that Christmas tree and maybe this year we’ll hang the icicle lights.  In the meantime, I’ll try to get that croissant recipe up.  I’m halfway there.


4 responses to “Mid-November and All of the Trappings

  1. pumpkin pie.. never tried that yet. happy thanksgiving.. whenever that is. philippines don’t have this holiday.

  2. Everything sounds so yummy! This is my favorite time of year too. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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