Thanksgiving and Pies

Here they all are yesterday morning:

a Turtle Tart– my own creation– don’t worry, I’ll share– 3 slices left

a Deep Dish Apple Pie– beautiful on the outside, but underneath all that crust, a soupy mess; a deliciously soupy mess

Pumpkin Pie– cut, like all the pies except for the apple, into 16ths (they’re rich and everyone wants to taste everything), and only one slice remains

Pecan Crunch Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie– 4 tiny slices remain

I should have taken a picture of the aftermath, but I barely pulled my camera out.  This year I took maybe 80 pictures, and threw most of them out.  I am pretty proud of the pies though.

I also made a Cranberry Cake Roll– my own concoction again, based on a cake roll made by another blogger.  This thing…well…I’ll tell you the whole story in another post.  You won’t believe it.  Well…unless you cook a lot or went to culinary school…then you’ll probably know exactly why it worked as well as it did.  Let’s just say the cake part had three ingredients.  Three ingredients, people: eggs, confectioner’s sugar, and flour.  I’m still baffled.


This year I went with paper plates and napkins, and with plastic cups that had our names Sharpied on them.  Classy, right?

But I gotta say…I didn’t have nearly as many dishes to do this year as last– just silverware, casserole dishes, and serving bowls and platters.

Viv also got an inside-out t-shirt to wear over her pretty new clothes.  You do what works.

I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving.  Stay safe out there on Black Friday– if only all of those amazing deals on appliances would be around longer than one day.  Fifty percent off all of those amazing refrigerators and washers and dryers and stoves and dishwashers and…did I say refrigerators?!?

It makes my head spin.  I think I’ll go have some pie.


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