Rambling Incoherently

1.  I’m not cut out for life as the owner of pet fish.  The last of Boy’s fish, the catfish, got sick and died yesterday.  Dead catfish don’t float.   Did you know that?  It’s traumatizing.  Now we have four remaining fish– these are B’s.  Boy didn’t want fish anymore after the great demise of who knows how many tetras in one day.

2.  The catfish’s name was Sand.  They only get named when they die.  I do not know why this is.  It just is.

3. The kids are sick.  Given that we had an eighty-degree day about three days ago and the last two days have been in the thirties, I am choosing to remain unsurprised.  I am also very tired.  Two-year-olds do not understand why they cannot breathe.  It scares them and makes them cry…every hour…all night long.

4. Nine-year-olds understand why they can’t breathe.  Mine read two 200-page books and slept half of yesterday away, all without any complaint about no television watching.  Couple that with a fever, and I am agreeing that he is really sick.

5.  I want a puppy.

Too tired to think straight.




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