The Halls Are Decked

The birthdays are now on haitus– at least for another month.  Thanksgiving has come and gone.  The Christmas decorations are all up, out, and about

with the tree taking most of a day to pull together.

The house is moderately clean (if you ignore the mountain of laundry lurking in piles on the laundry room floor), and, for the most part, the holiday planning is complete.

Christmas dinner this year will be club sandwiches: festive!

The poor Boy, who cannot seem to kick his winter cold, said last night,

“If I tell Santa all I want for Christmas this year is my family, I wonder if we’ll all wake up with bows on us.”

It’s a nice thought.

Merry Christmas.

*Yes, I do have a Hallmark Ornament illness– all of the above are from the Hallmark Ornament collections (even the snowflake) except the “Ho, Ho, Ho” ornament, and I don’t remember where or when I picked that up.  What I love most is that there isn’t an ornament on that tree that doesn’t mean something to one of us.  It makes the tree that much more meaningful to me.

** I promise the red will go away after Christmas. 🙂


4 responses to “The Halls Are Decked

  1. Awesome! Very pretty.
    I love the “snow” heehee.
    Many of the ornaments on my tree are heirlooms from when I was a child…the oldest one is a little painted plaster Santa in his sleigh that my great grandma made for me when I was born. I have a few from my mom too–and many I’ve made. They’re the best! The rest are dark red glittery globes that look like glass but are plastic that came in a big bin.

    • I bet that plaster ornament is absolutely beautiful. I saw the pictures you put up of your tree, and I loved, loved, loved it.

  2. I have the ornament of the bear reading the book to the little cub. I’m pretty sure it’s part of a Hallmark series about reading. We are also Hallmark-ornament crazy. I’d say that 80% of our tree is covered in Hallmark ornaments. I can’t help it!! They’re so cute!!!

    • It’s one of my favorites. That one is for my husband and son. We got the ‘I Love You This Much’ one this year for me and my daughter. They are adroable! I worked up the courage to count mine, and I’m sitting at 42. Yikes! It’s so nice to know that I’m not the only Hallmark ornament crazy person out there!

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