A Mess

We’re having the families over in order to celebrate two wonderful people– my mom and B’s mom.  Their birthdays are just four days apart, and while I can never think of anything to just buy, I can always think of things to cook.  Therefore, my gift– dinner and dessert.

Usually, if I know company is coming,  I spend the week before making sure everything is straight enough to not go into that frenzy crazy cleaning mode that I am 98% sure almost everyone goes into before company arrives.  Night before last, for some reason, I could not sleep at all…which meant that yesterday I was zombified.  Viv and I played blocks and “princess” (she doesn’t have Barbies yet, but they might as well be) and zoo keeper and Minnie the MOUSE!  Then B came home a little later than usual, I ate, and then I passed out.

Sometimes it happens that way.

Of course, I got nothing done for tonight’s dinner, but that’s okay because I enjoy the entertaining thing.

But it also means that the cleaning didn’t happen.  Now, my house is generally what I’d call “straight.”  It isn’t perfect.  There are occasionally stacks of mail here and there, and I still haven’t put away that pesky stack of games from Christmas, but for the most part it’s a relatively neat mess.    And toys–while they may be a little crazy during the day–are almost always put away in the evenings.

This morning, though, this does not appear to have been the case.

Granted, I know, just by looking at this mess, it’ll only take about 30 minutes of buzzing around in mommy mode to get this picked up.  That isn’t what’s going to happen, though.  I’ll fix the couch and the curtains and the blankets and advertisements that were colored all over and my shoes that weren’t put there by me, but the toys…. It might take ten minutes or it may take an hour, but this one is all Viv’s.


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