It Overfloweth

My “To Do” list, that is.

The days, for the most part, have been beyond unseasonable beautiful with temperatures in the low seventies.   Six more weeks of winter, Mr. Groundhog?  Well, if it’s a winter like this one’s been, then bring it on.   Unfortunately, the temperatures have not inspired me to complete any spring cleaning chores that I’ve taken up.

I clean, then stop, distracted by the weather and Pinterest and blogs and organizing Girl’s “new” room– she’s out of her crib and into a twin bed.  Yikes!  Due to a confluence of events, that change happened much faster than I ever could have anticipated.  And Girl– she’s taken to the new freedom with a zest that I was certainly unprepared for, especially since she never once tried to climb out of the crib.  Have  I taken pictures yet?  Not really.  I think I’m in denial.

The laundry has taken over my couch.  It’s all clean; I just don’t want to fold it.  I need to, and probably will today; however, in the giant list of things I really dislike doing, laundry ranks right up there with dishes– and I’ll do the dishes fifteen times over before I’ll think about folding the laundry.  The giant mountain of laundry.

Despite the mountain of chores that I’ve accumulated, I’ve actually written quite a bit.  I’ve got tasty recipes for brownies, a pear-blue cheese salad, and tangerine-rosemary chicken all tested; however, in the case of the brownies and salad, I have no pictures, and in the case of the tangerine-rosemary chicken, I haven’t written out the recipe.  I’ve also started posts about flowers and flower arranging, not to mention writing and rewriting about other things that I probably will never post because they might come back to bite me on the behind one day.  So, I have to finish all of those things before I can hit the Publish button.

In the meantime, I need to just open all the windows, air the house out a bit, and power through the laundry.  It’s so hard to get excited about folding laundry when you know the two-year-old will just unfold it for you.

I hope to get those recipes out as soon as I can.  It looks like I may get some natural light today after all– just because it’s been warm doesn’t mean it’s been sunny– so hopefully I’ll have everything processed in the next week.  We’ll see.  In the meantime, Happy February.

Now, I have to see about a pile 0′ laundry.

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