I’m Still Here

Between doctor’s appointments, a surgery, the start of soccer season, and life-in-general happening,

admittedly at a much faster pace than I’d like right now,

I haven’t forgotten about Dry Spell.  I simply haven’t had the chance to really sit down to write, or photograph, or edit, or to do something that doesn’t make an immediate difference in the lives of everyone in the house.

That doesn’t mean, though, that I haven’t been thinking about what to do in the back of mind.

As I said earlier this month, I made that pear-blue cheese salad.  I just haven’t made it again to photograph it.  Want to know why?  I keep waiting for cashews to go on sale again because we (and by we, I really mean I) ate the rest of the first container.

And that tangerine-rosemary chicken?  I haven’t edited all of the photos,

and I sort of ate all of the tangerines (sensing a trend here?) that I was going to use when I remade the dish so that I could style the final shots.  We ate the first attempt with nary a leftover for styling.  And the chicken that I bought fresh  to use is frozen solid because I knew I could get to it quickly enough.

But I promise this is coming soon:

A coconut cake– the cake is made, the pictures are edited, uploaded, and even placed in a post.  Now all I have to do is type it out.  I hope, hope, hope to have it up by the end of the day.

It’s my goal.

Along with the laundry, the dishes, the floors, the kids, the–uggh–bills….not necessarily in that order.

Be back soon.

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