Father’s Day

Just a quick note to say Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads, grandads, great-granddads, and– in our very lucky case– great-great granddads. 

To my husband, who is kind, patient, and warm with both of our kids.  You are a great dad.  Thank you for that. 

To my dad– my 2 favorite memories of spending time with you are building our Barney Rubble houses in our very own Bedrock City on the beach at Edisto when I was 12, and of bike-riding at Charlestowne Landing when I was 19.  Yes.  It was funny when I fell off my bike.  Thank you for my twisted sense of humor.

To my father-in-law, who is caring and generous.  Your son comes by his fatherly talents honestly– he had a great role model.  Thank you.

To my grandfathers.  I miss you both very much.  Grandaddy– I miss your magic tricks and your hats, and though I was only six when you left us all–I still remember you vividly.  Grandpa– I miss Christmas Eve with you, and birthdays, and gumballs, and paint cans.  Every time I attempt a home rennovation, I invoke your name as my muse.  I love you both.

Great-great granddaddy– Even though we are not related by blood, that doesn’t matter one bit.  I am so much the richer for being able to have met you.  Your experiences, your wisdom, your love, it has all made such a difference to me and to Brian and our children.  Thank you.

Thank you to all of the dads out there who love and care and teach and give.


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