Be Excellent to Each Other

Sorry for the delay in the spa story.  Crazy things happen.  Wednesday, the construction crews working for the people who decided our little piece of country paradise should become an urban utopia as soon as possible during a time of complete economic uncertainty accidentally cut a main powerline.  This cut resulted in no power for our subdivision and two others near us for over eleven hours.  It’s interesting how much we’ve come to rely on electricity for the tv, air conditioning (which I actually grew up without), the internet– even our telephones.  

The neighborhood quickly filled with the sounds of kids–gasp– playing outdoors, and our evening fun consisted of cooking out on our grill the food from our freezer that wasn’t going to stay frozen without the electricity.  We also took the opportunity to set up our tent that we haven’t used in eleven years.  I think it’s time to plan a camping trip.

Boy’s friend came to hang out Wednesday, and until yesterday around ten or so, our house became a revolving door for the two of them.  I’m not complaining about that one ounce, though.  Usually his friend’s house is the one with a revolving door, so I’m happy to shift a bit of it to our place for a while in order to give his friend’s folks a break!

My thoughts right now are for those in the states severely affected by the crazy weather we’re having, especially those who lost power (and even some lives) due to the derecho* that rolled through something like seven states on Friday.  It’s bad enough to lose houses, cars, and trees, but to have to recover from such a severe storm in triple digit temperatures with no electricity is something I would never wish on anyone.

*derecho– I had never heard or seen this term until I read a report on the Weather Channel’s website last night.  According to this NOAA affiliated site, a derecho is a severe wind storm that’s related to a strong band of thunderstorms.  The wind strengths can reach that of hurricane force.  These storms affect the eastern half of the US, occurring is a small area approximately once a year and everywhere else in that eastern half roughly every four years.  It looks as if there is a noteworthy storm of this nature every few years.  The site I linked to above has an interesting photo of the leading wall of one of these storms.


I’ll be back tomorrow with a continuation of our spa story.  It doesn’t quite feel right to include it in this particular post.

Stay safe and be excellent to each other.   


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