The Ones That Almost Were and May Be Eventually

Already plotting fall recipes, but wondering whether they will fall to the wayside in the same way that my summer recipes did.  I hope not.  It’s not that I didn’t make them.  I did.  I also tested them multiple times and I wrote them up.  I just never photographed them, and the majorty of those that I did were documented with a real devil-may-care attitude.   Not that I’ve never presented sub-par pictures before, but these are really, really bad.

Summer recipes that I never shared:


Blueberry Crumb Coffee Cake

Hummingbird Cake

Peach Cake

Main Dishes:

Barbecue Chicken & Bacon Pizza

Black & Bleu Salad

Club Sandwiches

French Dips

Old Fashioned Cheeseburgers

Roast Beef

Sides, Dips, & Dressings:

Bleu Cheese Dressing

Peach Simple Syrup

Pimento Cheese

Simple Grilled Vegetables

Tzatziki Sauce

I’m debating sharing them anyway.  They’re really, really delicious.

Still trying to get my groove back and working on that missing mojo.

3 responses to “The Ones That Almost Were and May Be Eventually

  1. I have to make sure that the family don’t eat my sample until I am done with the camera. Doing a food blog takes alot of work and dedication to keep the posts going. I can’t post a food blog every day because of the time it takes to write it, cook it and photograph it. I also don’t post foods I do because the photos were bad. Then there is always the follow ups on the emails that have to be kept up with. My camera is getting old and has old technology so I have to take a million pictures and then go through a card reader to load them into the computer. Many times I go back and restage my food sample until it looks presentable. Last week I made a beautiful cake that the sprinkles reflected too much light and I could not get a good pic. So I have to remake a cake with out the sprinkles to post the recipe. I have learned the fairy dust sprinkles go on the bake goods after I take pictures.

    By the way the peach cake looks good and yummy.

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