Just Another Random List

1)  The story about the baby panda at the National Zoo makes me sad.  Is it odd that I can eympathize with a Panda?  I mean, it’s a Panda Bear; however, I still feel sorry for her.

2) We took a brief day trip yesterday to goof around at the beach on the Isle of Palms.  The water was a little chilly.  I stepped on something soft and round and squishy, but I refuse to contemplate what they may have been.  I was brave, though, and resisted every temptation to race from the water screeching “Jellyfish! Ugggggh!”  I am all about setting the good example for the kids.  Example or not, I may or may not have screamed like the ingenue in a horror flick.  Squishy sea creature incident notwithstanding, I still love the ocean.

3) My cinnamon broom is far less cinnamony this week than it was a few weeks ago.  Now you have to walk right up to it to catch the scent of red hots.  I need to figure out where to buy some cinnamon essential oil.  Ideas?  Not something I’ve ever purchased before.  I suppose I could, you know, Google it.

4) Soccer season is in full swing.  After the super, uber-hot, hot, hot, hot day we had sitting on the sidelines this past Saturday, I’m anxiously awaited milder temperatures.  A pair of blue jeans and a sweatshirt would be a most welcome addition.

5) The fall tv season is getting ready to kick up.  A long, long, long, long time ago, I didn’t really watch television.  The only real staple in my college tv diet was Friends and maybe a little Caroline in the City and the occassional Simpsons episode, all of which were considered edgy for their times.  Ha!  Then I had children, life became hectic, and the easiest way to escape the daily crazies was to indulge in the cathartic craziness delivered by prime time tv.  This is how I find myself looking forward to weekly installments of NCIS, Revenge, Once Upon a Time, and Grey’s Anatomy.  They’ll have to tide me over until Psych and White Collar come back into my life again.  I’d feel bad about the number of shows on that list, but really, they just take up four hours out of a 168 hour week.


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