…with good cause.

I’m so far behind my  52 recipes plan right now.  Well, not super far behind.  Really.  I have been working on things like Irish Soda Bread,

which I finished with the idea of sharing it for St. Patrick’s Day before I ever even took the first yogurt cheese photograph.

You haven’t seen it because I haven’t finished editing the photos or typing up my final copy.   It seems that every time I sit down to work, I get a little distracted.

And, really, can you blame me?  It’s so hard to say no to a dance request on a beautiful sunny morning. Especially when the alternative is a few hours at a desk click, clack, mooing at a keyboard.

And there isn’t just the Irish Soda Bread.  There’s also the Apple-Cinnamon Coffee Cake.

Beauty, huh?

She thought so, too.

I’ve always believed the saying that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. (Yeah, I don’t get the cones, either.  For some reason they really needed to be lined up on the buffet.)

She flatters me on a daily basis.

And there’s also this incredibly delicious stuffing that I can’t tell you about yet– you’ll have to wait another two weeks for it.

But that doesn’t mean I won’t get distracted in the meantime, because there’s always cuteness right around the corner.

It doesn’t stop there, either.  There’s this stuff:

Which became this:

But I forgot to shoot it after I took it out of the oven.

Distracted again.

And, really, who can resist that sort of distraction?

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