Random List Number Who-Knows-What

Random is random is random.

1.  Four years ago today I told my students that I wouldn’t be back after spring break.  Has it really been four years?  I guess that means my seniors are graduating from college in a couple of days.

2.  I have now seen Wreck It Ralph twenty-nine times.  Actually, twenty-eight-and-a-quarter.  Every time I see it, I notice something new.  Getting a little tired of my three-year-old telling me duty jokes, though.

3.  Going through photos, wondering how it is that my kids can grow up so much in just three months time.  Case in point?  Boy.  Just last December, I have this cute kiddo with the neatnik haircut.

And suddenly last Saturday, I have this guy on the soccer field.  The hair.  The posture.  The expression.  So focused. So pre-teen.

And then there’s girl.  Adorable.

And showing herself to be pretty capable on the soccer field, too.

Well, at least for the first half of the game.  You know, until she decided she was done and sat down in the dirt in the middle of the field.  I didn’t take a picture of that, though.

4.  Three of the four of us went to the doctor in less than a week.  This does not bode well for me.  Perhaps the “comes in threes” saying will hold true.

5.  Anyone want to finish doing my laundry or finish cleaning my kitchen for me?

I’d like to read a book, but every time I sit down to do so, I remember that I have, you know, chores to do.

6.  Speaking of chores: if you’re willing to come finish that laundry or do those dishes, perhaps you’ll cook dinner as well?

After three weekends of hosting dinners, I’m kind of ready to hand my family a can opener, a can of beans, and three spoons.  I wouldn’t do that, but it’s a minor temptation– kind of like reading that book on the couch.  Who am I kidding, I wouldn’t want to clean up the aftermath.  Bean goo in my three-year-old’s long tresses.  No, but thanks for offering.

7.  Okay, seriously, I do have other things to take care of right now.  You know, things like the laundry, those dishes, and dinner.  Maybe I’ll get to the book eventually, but I do wonder if the kids will have aged another four months by the time I get there.  And, oy, how different will they look then?

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