Five for Five of Five is Enough Fives (5/5)

5) Final Fives

One: 2 Birds and 3 Bugs = 5

Okay, so I’m watching Rio with the girl right now while in need of a topic.  Birds fit the bill (Ha!  I’m so entertaining…to myself), and bugs just because.

1-A Sleeping Flamingo at Riverbanks Zoo, Columbia, SC (2012)

2-Great Blue Heron Taking Flight at Magnolia Plantation, Charleston, SC (2012)

3-Crazy Stick-Like Caterpillar on our Picnic Table at Magnolia Plantation, Charleston, SC (2012)

4-Bumble Bee on the Bridge at Middleton Place, Charleston, SC (2012)

5-Ginormous Grasshopper Type Bug at Brookgreen Gardens, Murrell’s Inlet, SC (2010)

Two: Five of Life’s Messy Moments

Because my life is far from neat and orderly….

1-Hurricane V Strikes Again (2012)

2-The One Thing I Like Doing Slightly Less Than Laundry (2011)

3-Cooking With Kids is Always More Fun (2011)

4-What Happens When You Tell the Kid to Be Careful With Your Favorite Obsolete Champagne Glass: Murphy’s Law Dictates You Will Break It Yourself the Very Next Day (2012)

5-Is There Anything Messier Than Pumpkin Goo? (2011)

Three: Personality Counts- The Girl

1-Drool Baby (2010)

2-Snotty Nose (2010)

3-Too Cool For School (2011)

4-Child of the Candy Corn, But Sweeter (2012)

5-Holy Cuteness, Batman! (2012)

Four: Personality Counts- The Boy

1-Happier Than Happy, Sillier Than Silly (2008)

2-Glimpse Into a Future That Has Already Passed (2009)

3-Fantastic Fourth (2009)

4-Goof Extraordinaire (2011)

5-Good Sport (2012)

Five:  The Evening God Gave the Sky to the Impressionists

Yes, the clouds actually looked like this on that evening (8/14/2011), prompting me to drop everything in favor of my camera.  These really need no words.

And like that…it was over.

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