Thanksgiving Menu 2013

Unlike the last few years, I find myself a little out of steam this Thanksgiving.

Maybe it’s all of the soccer or the cake decorating or the laundry or maybe I’m a little jaded about the super shopping hype this year that’s overtaken my favorite holiday.  Let’s all go from Halloween to Christmas this year with nary a six-foot section dedicated to the one holiday that revolves around something other than bits of pricey plastic and baubles that break ten minutes after they’ve been opened.  Bitter, you say?  Maybe a little.

Whatever the reason, my heart is just not in it, so I’ve stepped back to take a breath.

We’re still doing Thanksgiving, but I’ve scaled my contributions way back. In truth, we were all supposed to scale things back this year, since we’ll all be able to fit around a single table with elbow room to spare; however, the name of the game in 2013 is leftovers, and I’m not even about to argue with that.

Next to hanging out with family all day, leftovers is my second favorite thing– and I say this without even the faintest trace of irony.

Without further ado, here’s that menu, a veritable overabundance of comfort food.  Try to experiment or leave a dish out and you will make someone very sad.


  • vegetable platter
  • fruit platter
  • chips & queso

Main Course & Sides:


  • iced tea (it’s the South, y’all)
  • lemonade
  • wine
  • coffee


  • deep dish apple pie*
  • sweet potato-pumpkin pie*
  • turtle tart*
  • cranberry-apple bars*

*Everything with an asterisk falls under my purview this year.

Probably no real surprise that I’m taking the desserts and running with them.  I have great hopes that this year’s apple pie will be the pie that ends my Apple Pie Odyssey as I have made a different pie every year since 2007.  I’ve gathered the best elements from the last six Thanksgivings’ attempts, and this may just be the pie that brings it home.

I have determined that I will make my own pie crust this time.  No red Pillsbury packages for me this year.  Same with the rolls.  I will be testing that King Arthur Flour recipe I linked above for Parker House rolls later today.  Crossing my fingers that they turn out so well that I can skip the prepackaged stuff.

So that’s where Thanksgiving stands here this year.

How about you?

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