Overdue Update #1: February 2014

I often complain that suddenly I blink and everything has changed.   If ever there was a year to illustrate my point, this would be the one.  I know where most of the moments went, but they all seemed to happen so fast.

February was freezing cold.  So very cold.  I’ve never experienced an ice storm before.  Sleet, yes.  Snow, yes.  Mild freezing rain, yes.  What we had?  Never before.  This tree lost six or seven limbs alone.  For a while, we weren’t sure it was even still alive.


The air smelled like Christmas.  As amazing as pine scented air is, I’d rather never smell that scent again.  Every few seconds, a snap, crash, boom could be heard all around.  See the tree  branch actually snapping in the lower-middle?  I’ve not seen that much damage since our last major hurricane– no exaggerating.


Forgot to bring Girl’s bike inside.


We were among the lucky ones who only lost power for a day.  Our neighbors just across the street lost theirs for almost a week.  I spent the  evening cooking dinner– which would have spoiled– on the grill in the freezing cold under a tent.  We had chicken and potatoes, and the power came on when as we sat down to eat.  As I said, we were very fortunate.


And it’s a good thing, since the very next day, I had to make a wedding cake.  Yes, we were all sweating bullets– especially the bride, who had an outdoor wedding!


The topper and flowers:


And that’s my bakery white cake recipe— about a billion batches of it.  Not really, but it sure felt like it!


And it’s frosted with about 7 tons of my Bakery style American Buttercream frosting– recipe forthcoming tomorrow.


This is what my house looks like at approximately one in the morning.  And this is what a cake looks like all crumb-coated and stacked.  Terrifying.


Almost done.  I don’t know where my picture of the final cake went.  Not perfect, but I did it for free, and I’m pretty sure it tasted amazing, and it was appreciated.  I learned a lot, and I’m getting better all the time.


Immediately following the ice storm and wedding cake baking– seriously we left that morning…so tired– we took an inexpensive, really cold trip in the upstate.  We camped in one of the cutest ever one-room cabins.


We explored here


and there


and everywhere.


We chased waterfalls.

DSC_0323_edited-2 DSC_0334_edited-1 DSC_0340_edited-2

And that was February.

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