Blink. It’s all I did. It’s all any of us did. We blinked. It’s been so long since I wrote anything. I have to relearn how everything works again. Photos. Lay-Outs. Programs. How to think. Organize. Focus. All we did was blink.

2022. Here we go.

So Many Months

It’s been a long time since I’ve had the chance to really sit down and write, well, anything.  

Life happens, and time gets away from you.  It’s one of those things you can pinpoint, too.  And it all, thankfully, turns out okay. 

I miss my cooking and my writing and my photography.  

I’ve been sewing and quilting a lot lately.  

And the kids…wow.  Boy just turned fifteen and Girl is on her way to eight. 

How did *that* happen so quickly?

Maybe I’ll find my way back soon. I do miss it.

Happy New Year! 

Another year gone. A new one come. I know I have not written in some time.  I have not done much photography, or even cooked as much as I used to. There have been challenges, and I guess not enough time has gone by for me to process everything.  For now, though, I am content.

Happy New Year. May 2017 not be quite as interesting as 2016.